Open Build Service main team members

Adrian started his open source career as a developer of the first ripping tool for the KDE desktop (Krabber). In ‘99 SUSE hired him to be their Linux Desktop guy, so he spent the next couple of years taking care of the KDE desktop of the different SUSE Linux distributions. During that time he gathered a lot of knowledge about building software packages for consumer and enterprise customers. Which eventually lead him to his current position as project manager for the SUSE and openSUSE build infrastructure.

When he’s not out sailing or hiking and taking pictures of it, you will most likely catch him thinking about the future of OBS.

Adrian Schröter
Project Manager

For more than a decade Henne is a rigorous practitioner of Free Software development. He loves the raw power of communities collaborating and believes that everyone should be able to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software that is eating running the world. A full stack developer of the modern web who develops in Ruby on Rails.

Henne is beefing up the OBS Frontend, documentation and the projects promotion when he’s not out viciously supporting his hometown football club or teaching free software development with programs such as RailsGirls Summer of Code.

Henne Vogelsang
Frontend Team Lead & Developer
Björn Geuken
Frontend Developer

After Marcus the second pup of the OBS team! Christian just recently finished university and got into working full time on the OBS. He started his Free Software career as student of Henne in the Google Summer of Code and is now involved in hacking the Rails frontend of the Open Build Service.

If he’s not hacking Ruby he’s out doing what young people do: traveling the world, hanging out in clubs until 6:30 or visiting Mom & Dad.

Christian Bruckmayer
Frontend Developer

Moises, from the most beautiful island of Gran Canaria, a hot blooded Ruby on Rails web developer with more than 15 years of experience under his belt. Moises is hacking together with Henne and Adrian the OBS frontend.

If he’s not neck-deep in Ruby on Rails code he’s out dancing the Reggaeton or shooting the most beautiful portrait photographs.

Moisés Déniz
Frontend Developer
Manuel Schnitzer
Former Frontend Developer
Victor Pereira
Frontend Developer

Ana started at openSUSE as a Google Summer of Code student. She studied Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics at university and just after finishing she joined the OBS frontend team.

She can not avoid taking a look to every code that crosses her path, that’s why she contributes to other open source projects as well.

When she is not hacking you may find her painting, cooking or learning some German.

Ana María Martínez Gómez
Frontend Developer

Used to be a happy Perl programmer living at Gran Canaria. He moved to Nuremberg and to Ruby.

Still a happy programmer, but with better beer.

Eduardo Navarro
Frontend Developer
Dany Marcoux
Frontend Developer
David Kang
Frontend Developer
Saray Cabrera Padron
Frontend Developer

After years of being the source maintainer of the KDE desktop environment (over 6 million line of code and more than 1800 contributors) and being the release manager of two different GNU/Linux distributions (Caldera and openSUSE) Stephan Kulow (Coolo) knows what makes maintainers of huge projects tick and uses that knowledge to make the OBS better suited for this job.

If you know Coolo it won’t surprise you that he won’t be reduced to using OBS and takes action with hacking the web client, API and other components to make his work easier.

Stephan Kulow
Web UI and API hacker, most important user!

Michael, is another FOSS old-timer in the team. Most hackers probably know him as one of the GNU screen maintainers, perl guru and dependency solver expert. Even before the inauguration of the Open Build Service Michael worked on the SUSE internal OBS predecessor autobuild, which means he brings more than 10 years of experience in developing build system backends to the table! At SUSE Michael shares the role of project manager for the SUSE and openSUSE build infrastructure with Adrian.

Apart from expanding the OBS backend with all kinds of cool features and taking care of the reference server backend, cooking good food and gaming make Michael a happy man.

Michael Schröder
Backend Team Lead & Project Manager

Frank is a Free Software enthusiast since the late 90s. Initially a system administrator he started to develop web-based software in Perl in 2002. He recently joined the team and is currently going through a tough OBS backend bootcamp with his drill instructor Michael.

Besides standing around one of his kettle grills and celebrating BBQ’s, he’s an expert in prototyping rc-cars based open-source computer hardware like the raspPi or arduino.

Frank Schreiner
Backend Developer
Marco Strigl
Backend Developer

Marcus is currently getting his education in computer science at the University of Paderborn. When he’s not busy with lectures, writing papers and enjoying the sweet student life he is taking care of the OBS command line client and library. His participation in the Free and Open Source community sparked as packager for the PackMan project, a 3rd party application repository for SUSE/openSUSE distributions.

As the only guy not well in his thirties and with full hair he proudly represents the next generation of Open Build Service hackers.

Marcus Hüwe
Commandline Client Developer
Dani Donisa Quevedo
Frontend Developer
Lukas Krause
Frontend Developer
Rubhan Azeem
Frontend Developer
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